Oil palm belongs to palmaceous plant; It is mainly distributed in tropic area and some sub-tropic areas; It is one of the most important tropic oil seed plants in the world . The oil rate in oil palm is very high: generally 46~50% in the fresh pulp , and 50~55% in palm kernel.

basic information about palm fruitsBasic information about palm fruits

As we all know, oil palm can produce two kind of oils - palm oil extracted from fresh fruit and palm kernel oil obtained from the nuts. Both palm oil and palm kernel oil are widely used in various industries, including food, chemical and others. In order to ensure smooth palm oil production and palm kernel oil production, there are several things that you must make it clear, the palm oil processing steps, the palm kernel oil processing steps and the basic equipments involving in palm oil production process, palm kernel oil production process.

Palm oil processing process flow chart:

palm oil processing process flow chartPalm oil processing process flow diagram

Main station description:

1. Raw Materials Reception Station

Collecting the ripe fresh palm fruit bunches from the plantation and transported by trucks, then pour the FFB into the discharge door after weighed by weighbridge.

2. Sterilization Station

Using direct steam to process palm fruit, which can reduce activity of the enzyme,prevent the rancidity, ensure the good quality of the crude oil.

3. Threshing Station

Using drum type threhser to separate palm fruit from palm fruit bunches;

4. Digesting &Pressing Station

Destroy the palm fruit pulp cell under the high temperature condition to make it easy to squeeze oil out. And then use mechanical pressing to get the crude oil out from palm fruit. The common used palm oil press machine is double screw palm oil expeller.

5. Oil Clarification Station

Using hot water to reduce crude palm oil viscosity. Next using vibrating screen to remove some solids. Then the oil mixture is heated to 85-90°C and allowed to separate in the clarification tank. A settling time of 1-3 h is acceptable. Oil from the top is skimmed off and purified in the centrifuge prior to drying in vacuum dryer. The final crude palm oil is then cooled and stored.

The purified palm oil can be directly sold or deeply refined.

6. Kernel recovery station:

The pressed cake(fiber & nut mixture) is transported to the fiber separation system for fiber&nut separating. The separated nut is sent to nut silo for temporary storage.

Large capacity palm oil processing machine photos (15-120tph):

palm oil processing machine Large capacity palm oil mill 3D diagram

palm oil processing machineLarge capacity palm oil processing machine

Small scale palm oil processing machine (1-5tph) photos:

palm oil processing machine Small scale palm oil 3D diagram and small scale palm oil processing machine

Palm kernel oil processing machine (1-1000tpd)

Because of palm nut shell is hard, if pressing directly without kernel and shell separation, machine will wear very fast. So we need to palm kernel cracker and separater machine to crack and separate palm nut more effective. Just put the palm nuts in the palm nuts cracking and separating machine, then kernel and shell will flow from two sides.

palm oil processing machine Small scale palm kernel cracking and separating machine

After get palm kernel, the palm kernel oil production process will start. How to extract oil from palm kernel? The followsing palm kernel oil production process will tell you.

Palm kernel oil extraction machine is necessary for big capacity palm kernel oil mill, which influences the oil extraction rate and the quality of crude palm kernel oil. Palm kernel oil extraction machine includes cleaning sieve, stones removal machine, magnetic selection machine, crushing machine, softening machine, flaking machine, cooking machine, pressing machine, crude palm kernel oil clarification machine and so on.

All these parts adjust temperature, moisture of palm kernel which can ensure us to squeeze out most of palm kernel oil and ensure us to get more cleaner palm kernel oil.

Palm kernel oil production process flow chart:

palm kernel oil processing processPalm kernel oil processing process flow chart

Palm oil / palm kernel oil refining machine (1-1000tpd)

After palm oil extraction process and palm kernel oil extraction process, we can get crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil. But if you want to get RBD palm oil and RBD palm kernel oil. The palm/palm kernel oil refining machine is necessary.

Palm oil /palm kernel oil refining is based on the different usage and requirements, utilizing the physical methods and chemical processes to get rid of the harmful impurities and needless substance in the crude palm oil / palm kernel oil, getting standard palm oil / palm kernel oil.

Palm oil / palm kernel oil refining process flow chart:

palm oil refining processChemical refining and physical refining of palm oil

We have three kinds of palm/ palm kernel oil refining machine can be choosed:

Batch type palm oil refining machine suitable for small capacity like 1-2-3-5-10tpd;

Semi-continuous palm oil refining machine suitable for medium capacity like 10-30tpd;

Full-continuous palm oil refining machine suitable for bigger capacity over 30tpd.

palm oil refining machineDifferent types palm oil refining machine

What kinds of edible oil can be refined by palm oil refining machine?

Besides palm oil and palm kernel oil, our palm oil / palm kernel oil refining machine also can be used to refine other crude edible oil, such as soybean oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, mustard oil, and so on.

palm oil processing machine Our palm oil refining machine can refine the above edible oil

Palm oil fractionation plant (1-600tpd)

If you want to raise the added value of palm oil products and increasing enterprise economic benefit. Palm oil fractionation plant will be a good choice.

Henan Doing palm oil fractionation plant adopts advanced crystallization equipment, filtration equipment, and accurate temperature auto-control software to separate palm olein and palm stearin which can get different melting-point fractionation products, including 14℃, 18℃, 24℃, 32℃ etc.

palm oil fractionation plant Small scale palm oil fractionation plant

Palm oil fractionation process flow chart:

palm oil fractionation processPalm oil fractionation process flow chart

This is a brief introduction about palm oil processing process, more information, please contact us directly.

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