How do you extract palm kernel oil from palm kernel?

Palm kernel oil is an edible oil extracted from palm kernels through pressing. Fresh palm kernel oil is edible. People's demand for palm kernel oil is growing day by day, so how do you extract palm kernel oil from palm kernel? To extract palm kernel oil from palm kernel requires four steps: crushing, cooking, pressing and filtering. Crushing and cooking can increase the oil rate. What's more, the crude palm kernel oil after pressing is cleaner than crude palm oil. Finally, relatively clean crude palm kernel oil can be obtained through a plate filter. The palm kernel oil processing equipment used in each step is described in detail below.

Palm kernel oil processing equipment.jpgPalm kernel oil processing equipment

Palm kernel crushing

Because palm kernels are relatively hard, the palm kernels should be broken into 4-6 pieces by palm kernel crusher before pressing. This will facilitate the adjustment of the moisture and temperature of the palm kernels in the frying pan. It can also reduce the working pressure of the oil press and extend the service life of the oil press.

Palm kernel cooking

After crushing, the palm kernel needs to use a cooker to adjust the temperature and moisture. The moisture content of the palm kernel before entering the oil press cannot be higher than 10%, otherwise the oil will stick to the roller during the pressing process, affecting the use of the machine, and the palm kernel after steaming and frying is easier to produce oil, and the oil yield rate is higher, which reduces the working pressure of the oil press, ensures the maximum extraction of kernel oil, and avoids the waste of materials.

Palm kernel cooker.jpgPalm kernel cooker

Palm kernel oil pressing

Generally, the oil content of palm kernel is about 50%, our palm kernel oil pressing machine can guarantee a residual oil rate of 6-7%, saving time and effort by pressing once. The main parts are forged from No. 45 steel, and other large parts are cast iron and ductile iron. The forging process is different: forging, fire immersion, and rapid cooling, with the purpose of increasing hardness. There are some ordinary carbon steels on the market that have a short service life and are not durable. The palm kernel cake pressed through our palm kernel oil processing equipment is thin and dry, which is the best pressing effect.

Palm kernel oil filtering

Palm kernel oil press.jpgPalm kernel oil press

Finally, use a filter to simply filter the oil to get clean palm kernel crude oil. If you want to store it for a longer period of time, you need to refine the crude oil.

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