Why palm oil need to be refined?

Palm oil refining is a process to get rid of the unhealthy impurities in crude palm oil. After palm oil refining process, we can get high quality refined palm oil. Meanwhile, the refined palm oil can be store more long time.

palm oil refining machine Samll scale palm oil refining machine

As we all know, there are some harmful impurities like free fatty acids (FFA), gums, sediments, odoriferous and colouring materials present in crude palm oil which is bad for human consumption. In order to get high quality refined palm oil, the palm oil refining machine is indispensable. The whole palm oil refinery pant includes four process: degumming,deacidifcation,decolorization and deodorization. Different palm oil refining section have different functions.

Refining pot: Remove the gum, phosphoric acid etc;

Decolorizing Pot: Remove the color from neutralized palm oil;

Deodorizing Pot: Remove the smell, water from decolorized palm oil;

Steam Generator: Produce steam for the workshop;

Heat Conduction Furnace: Offer enough thermo for the refining sections.

Other Auxiliary Equipments: Hot water Tank, Bleaching earth Tank, Air compressor, pumps, filters, Valves, Electricity Control Cabinet, etc.

palm oil refining machine Small scale palm oil refining machine

More information about palm oil refining machine, please continuous to read palm oil refining machine;

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