How many hectares palm fruit plantation does it take to make one ton of palm oil?

Many palm fruit plantation owners want to start a palm oil production business, but they don't know how to start a palm oil production business. Today, Henan Glory Company will teach you how to calculate and select the appropriate palm oil processing equipment based on the palm fruit planting area.

Oil content of FFB.jpegOil content of FFB

Calculate based on the oil content of each part of the palm fruit bunches and the pressing residual oil rate shown in the figure below, you want to produce 1 ton of palm oil, at least 5 tons of palm fruit bunches need to be processed. Palm plantations per hectare per year produces about 20-23 tons of palm fruit bunches and about 4-5 tons of crude palm oil. So, the palm plantation area of at least 1/4 hectare is required to produce 1 ton of crude palm oil per year.

For this kind of capacity, Henan Glory Company can provided simple palm oil production machine line, which includes a palm fruit thresher, a single 500kgh screw palm oil press, and a palm oil plate filter.

Simple palm oil production machine line.jpgSimple palm oil production machine line

1. palm fruit thresher

Oil palm fruit accounts for about 60% of the whole FFB. Our palm fruit thresher used to remove the palm fruit from the brunches. Lower cost, high efficiency.

2. 500kgh single screw palm oil presser

Regarding palm oil pressess we recommend the 500kgh single screw palm oil presser, all our screws are pressed with 2Cr13 wear-resisting alloy steel and integrated casting process, The other manufacturer use of carbon steel, with a service life of one month. Our palm oil presser can be used for several years under normal maintenance. Our pressing screw will be polished before leaving the factory, prevent the pressing screw is too rough and block material, to a certain extent to ensure the smoothness and efficiency of the machine operation. And we have two power systems, diesel and electric, to meet the needs of different regions. It can be used alone or combined with other palm oil production machine.

500kgh single screw palm oil presser.jpg500kgh single screw palm oil presser

3. Palm oil plate filter

Our 500-1000kgh plate filter uesd to remove impurity from the crude oil, get cleaner crude oil. Widely used with good performance.

About installation, very simple, according to the instructions or the video sent to you, you can install the operation.

About after-sales advantage: We have an experienced pre-sales and after-sales team, a professional engineer team, and we have an overseas branch and warehouse in Nigeria, which is convenient to meet customers' accessories needs and technical assistance. Our engineers preside over installation projects overseas all year round. If there is any problem with the palm oil production machine, we will provide a solution within 24 hours. If conditions permit, we can coordinate and arrange engineers to provide technical support on site.

Palm oil production steps.jpgPalm oil production steps

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