How do you process palm oil?

To process palm oil from palm fruit need through the below steps:

FFB(fresh palm fruit bunches) Reception-Sterilizing-Threshing-Crushing-Pressing-Filtration-CPO(crude palm oil)

These palm oil processing machine are provided by Henan Glory Company, which with a high degree of automation, complete process, high oil yield, and good quality oil products, which can be stored for more than half a year.

Palm oil processing line.jpgPalm oil processing line

1. Reception—Loading palm fruit

Collect the ripe palm fruit bunches from the plantation and transported by trucks, then pour the FFB(fresh palm fruit bunches) into the discharge door after weighed by weighbridge.

2. Steaming the palm fruits

Palm fruits are extremely hard. They must be softened before anything can be done. The first step is to cook them for one hour with high-pressure, high-temperature steam (300 psi, 140 degrees Celsius). The high temperature will make the palm fruit soften, it is easy for palm fruit threshing, and avoid the damage of palm nut. At the same time, steaming destroy the enzymes in the fruits and avoid the increase of FFA content in the palm oil.

Palm fruit sterilizer.jpgPalm fruit sterilizer

3.Separate palm fruit from palm fruit bunches

Palm fruit thresher in palm oil mill plant is used for separate empty fruit bunch and palm fruit. According the palm oil processing equipment capacity we can design the thresher capacity, usually we have a spare one, in case one of them not work. Empty fruit bunch from palm fruit thresher will be conveyed to outside, can be used as stertilizer in palm fruit plantation. Sterilized palm fruit will be convey to next station.

Palm fruit thresher.jpgPalm fruit thresher

4. Digesting&Pressing palm fruit

Sterilized palm fruit from thresher conveyed to digester. There are blades in digester, blades will be rolling by motor which is on the top of digester. Palm fruit peel can be crushed by blades, besides we will fill the steam in digester for heating. Palm fruit pulp cell can be destroyed under the high temperature condition, after that we can get higher oil yield. And then, we can choose the 1-2tph double screw palm oil presser to make oil from palm fruit, which with low residual oil rate, high efficiency, suitable for big palm oil plant production line.

Double screw palm oil presser.jpgDouble screw palm oil presser

5. Clarifying and filtering palm oil section:

Clarifying and filtering machines are mainly for removing some impurities. The crude palm oil can be gotten by sedimentation, filtration and separation, using vibrating screen, oil clarification tank and plate and frame filter. They can be configured based on customer needs. Using the latest technology, under the premise of ensuring the quality of palm oil, reduce the investment of equipment as far as possible, reduce oil loss. The whole process is highly automatic, environment-friendly and energy-saving.

Clarifying and filtering palm oil.jpgClarifying and filtering palm oil

Palm oil clarifying and filtering palm oilTo make palm oil from palm fruit need through the above process. Henan Glory company can provide you with high-quality palm oil processing machine, and we also have our own palm oil processing machine manufacturing factory in Nigeria. If you need some equipment, you can contact us.

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