How to choose the suitable palm oil processing machine?

If you want to start a palm oil business, how to choose the suitable palm oil processing machine? Henan Doing Company can give you some reference suggestions. We have different scales of palm oil processing machine, and we can recommend you the suitable palm oil processing machine according to your palm oil processing capacity and working hours.

Situation one:

If you have your own palm trees about 100 hectares, you can equip our smallest palm oil processing machine, which can press 500kg of palm fruits per hour, it is enough for your production. For our 500kg/h palm oil pressing machine, It occupies a small area, is widely used in small farms and households, and is easy to operate and maintain. The squeezed fiber has a low oil content and ensures the integrity of the palm nut.

palm oil pressing machine.jpg500kg/h palm oil pressing machine

Situation two:

If you want a complete automated palm oil processing machine line and get good quality oil, but the budget is not enough, you can choose to configure a simple palm oil processing machine line. It includes simple thresher, 500kg/h or 1t/h palm oil pressing machine and plate filter. The thresher can help you get the fruits from palm bunches easily, and palm oil pressing machine can let you get crude palm oil, plant filter can filter fine fiber, the oil has better quality and better price.

palm oil processing machine line.jpgSimple palm oil processing machine line

Situation three:

If you have about 200 hectares palm trees, we have had such project cases before, the 1 tons of palm oil processing machine is suitable for you. It includes sterilization tank, thresher, digester, palm oil pressing machine, vibrating screen, clarification tank, plate filter, vacuum drying system and other connected devices.

First of all, put the fresh palm fruit bunches in the fruit cage, and put the fruit cage in the sterilization tank with a row crane for sterilization. Secondly, the sterilized palm fruit bunches are de-fruited in a drum type thresher. The vibrating screen filters large fibers, the clarification tank filters heavy impurities and silt, and the plate filter filters fine fibers and absorbs water. The vacuum drying system separates oil and water, and draining water is conducive to crude oil storage. Store the obtained crude oil in an oil storage tank. For clean oil, the vacuum drying system is carried out under vacuum and high temperature. The oil obtained is conducive to storage. It saves manpower and time. And the price can be adjusted by your need and budget.

palm oil mill plant.jpg1-5tph palm oil mill plant

We have different scales of palm oil processing machine, in summary, if you want to press palm oil, you can choose the palm oil processing machine that suits you in our company. We have been manufacturing palm oil processing machine for more than ten years, and the technology is mature. We have a professional team of engineers who can help you match the palm oil processing machine and deal with subsequent use problems. If you want to start palm oil business, welcome to consult!

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