How to produce palm oil using palm oil processing machines in Congo?

Palm oil production plays a significant role in Congo's economy, and the use of palm oil processing machines has greatly improved efficiency and productivity in the industry. The production of palm oil using a palm oil processing machine in Congo involves several essential steps, including palm fruit sterilization, threshing, palm fruits digesting and extraction, filtering. Better quality palm oil can be obtained through refining and fractionation later. Next, let’s explore the steps involved in producing palm oil using a palm oil press in Congo.

1. Harvesting and Collection:

Mature palm fruits are harvested from oil palm trees in Congo. Skilled workers carefully cut the bunches using machetes or specialized tools to avoid damaging the fruits. The harvested fruits are then collected and transported to the palm oil plant for further processing.

The photo of multiple palm fruits.jpgThe photo of multiple palm fruits


Upon arrival at the factory, the palm fruits undergo a sterilization process to eliminate any bacteria or fungi. Steam into the sterilizer and steam the palm fruits at high temperature for about 60 min, to destroy the enzymes in the palm fruits and avoid the increase of FFA content in the palm oil. At the same time, the high temperature will be easier for palm fruit threshing and avoid the damage of palm nut.

Small scale palm oil processing machine.jpgSmall scale palm oil processing machine


Following sterilization, the sterilized fruit bunches are fed into a palm fruits thresher, which separates the fruit from the bunch. This results in a mixture of palm fruits and empty fruit bunches. Empty palm fruit bunches are discharged from the other side of the thresher, and then the EFB is transported to the yard, or to palm plantation as fertilizer or slipcover.


Digesting is for pressing palm fruit, it can be make palm fruit be pressed oil out easily. The separated palm fruits are then processed for oil pressing. The fruits are initially pressed to produce the crude palm oil (CPO). This process separates the oil from the solid components, such as the palm kernel and fiber. The screw palm oil processing machine provided by Henan Glory Company with high oil rate and low loss.

palm oil pressing machine.jpgDouble screw palm oil pressing machine


The produced crude palm oil contains impurities and non-oil components. To remove these impurities, the CPO undergoes a process called clarification, which involves the use of centrifuges or settling tanks to separate the oil from the water and solids. Better quality palm oil can be obtained through refining and fractionation later.

Palm oil processing machine.jpgThe photo of palm oil processing machine

The above is the process of producing palm oil using palm oil processing machine in Congo. Henan Glory Company is a manufacturer with more than ten years of history specializing in the production and processing of palm oil and palm kernel oil mill machines. In addition, we are building our own factory and office in Nigeria. If you need palm oil processing machines, it will be more favorable to buy from the Nigerian branch.

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