What unit operations are involved in palm oil production?

Palm oil, a staple commodity in global agriculture, is extracted from the fruits of the oil palm trees (Elaeis guineensis). The production of palm oil involves a series of unit operation that transform the raw palm fruit bunches into the refined palm oil we know. The unit operation in palm oil production include harvesting, sterilization, threshing, digestion, pressing, clarification, refining, and fractionation. Here, we delve into the unit operation in palm oil production.

1. Harvesting:

The first step in palm oil production is the harvesting of ripe palm fruits from the oil palm trees. The process typically done manually by cutting down the palm fruit bunches or mechanically using harvesting machines to ensure the efficient collection of the palm fruits.

The photo of palm fruit bunches and palm fruits.jpgThe photo of palm fruit bunches and palm fruits

2. Sterilization:

After harvesting, the palm fruit bunches are sterilized to prevent enzymatic degradation and microbial contamination. Steam under high pressure is commonly used for sterilization to ensure the quality and safety of the palm oil.

3. Threshing:

Threshing is the process of separating the palm fruits from the bunches. This can be achieved through mechanical means or manual labor to extract the fruits efficiently.

palm oil production machine.jpgEasy-to-operate palm oil production machine

4. Digesting and Pressing:

The palm fruit is then subjected to a digestion process to break down the pulp and release the oil. After digesting, the palm fruits are pressed to extract the crude palm oil. The screw palm oil press machine provided by Henan Glory Company with high oil rate and low loss.

screw palm oil press machine.jpgThe screw palm oil press machine provided by Henan Glory Company

5. Clarification:

The crude palm oil undergoes a clarification process to remove impurities and solids. Centrifuges or filter presses are commonly used for this step to ensure the purity of the palm oil.

6. Refining:

Refining is a critical unit operation in palm oil production that involves further production the clarified oil to improve its quality. Degumming, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization are typical refining processes used to enhance the characteristics of the palm oil.

palm oil refining machine.jpgThe refining machine in palm oil production units

7. Fractionation:

Fractionation is the final unit operation in palm oil production, where the different components of palm oil, such as palm olein and palm stearin, are separated based on their melting points. The temperature used in this process needs to be determined according to the local environment.

The above are all palm oil production units. Additionally, by-products generated during the process, such as palm kernel, are also processed to produce palm kernel oil, adding value to the overall palm oil industry. Henan Glory Company is a manufacturer with more than ten years of history specializing in the production and production of palm oil and palm kernel oil press machines. In addition, we can also provide you with equipment customization services. If you need palm oil production machines, welcome to consult us at any time.

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